Why should my kids drink milk?

Milk and other dairy foods like eggs and cheese provide more nutrition with fewer calories than other foods. Each cup of milk contains 9 important vitamins and minerals that help your child develop strong bones and stay healthy. Plus, kids who drink milk at breakfast have been known to score higher on tests, have better daily attendance in school, and participate more in class!

How much milk should my kids drink?

From birth to 1 year of age, infants should not drink cow's milk. Doctors recommend whole cow's milk for children between the ages of 1 and 2, because they need the additional fat to ensure proper brain development. After age 2, low-fat and fat-free milk is the best choice. Low-fat (1% or 2%) and fat-free milk have the same calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals as whole milk, plus fewer calories and less fat. So remember:

  • Ages 2–8: 2 servings of milk per day
  • Ages 9 and above: 3 servings of milk per day
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