"We try to fill out the forms to get food stamps and try to get another job, but all the documents take six weeks or maybe more, and we're still waiting. This program is good for us; I save 10 to 12 dollars a week."
Oscar Palacios, Milk from the Heart client

"This program is going into areas where they're not getting fully served by the existing programs out there. For people that feel disenfranchised, this milk is important, but the outreach is also important. There is such a face to Milk from the Heart, which is different than some of the more bureaucratic programs."
Richard Naczi, CEO of the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc.

"The children need calcium, for growing strong bones and muscles."
Gisela Suarez, Milk from the Heart client

"Milk from the Heart demonstrates to families that we care about their nutrition. Instead of handing out sugary drinks, or other free food, giving out milk sends a message to families that we care about their bodies."
Amanda Leibenhaut, social worker for The Education Alliance

"We drink a lot of milk, and it's expensive. Sometimes you don't buy certain things, because of the expense."
Bert Morales, Milk from the Heart client

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